PROMINENT Brexiteer Sir John Redwood has hit back at suggestions he was handed a knighthood in exchange for supporting Theresa May's Withdrawal Deal.

The Wokingham MP was named in the New Year's Honours and received a tidal wave of criticism.

Suggestions emerged that the Prime Minister had exploited the system to win over Redwood, who has openly slammed the deal.

Mr Redwood dismissed the allegation as a lie after he and two other MPs were named in the list.

He said: "I would like to thank all those who have sent me kind messages on the award of a knighthood.

"I am very conscious of the debt I owe all my constituents.

"It has been their advice, problems and issues that has provided much of the impetus to my thoughts, has influenced my contribution to the national conversation and allowed me to undertake public service.

"I have learned a lot from those who support me and from those who disagree with some of the views I express. It is a privilege to serve as Wokingham’s MP."

He has also insisted that the honour has not changed his opinion of the deal put forward by the Prime Minister.

Mr Redwood added: "This is an unbelievably bad agreement for the UK and a great one for the EU.

"It is not a deal, as it does not offer the UK any of the things the PM said she wanted.

"It is an invitation to much more uncertainty and more talks on worse terms for the UK."