A MCDONALD’S restaurant in Bracknell is set to get a drive-thru despite concerns over the impact the supersized eatery would have on an already-busy area.

The fast-food joint on Wildridings Road has applied for planning permission from the council to add the car-friendly collection service, as well as three extensions and changes to its car park.

A report produced for the council read: “The additional drive-through booth and the alterations to the car park would have minimal impact on the character of the area.”

However the council received seven objections from residents, and Cllr Chris Turrell and Bracknell Town Council also voiced their concerns about the site’s size, litter and traffic congestion.

One resident wrote: “Access beyond McDonald’s in order to use Mill Park is impossible at weekends without long queuing, often as long as 15 minutes.

“During those times emergency vehicle access to the park would be extremely difficult. This needs to be addressed at the same time as the application is considered.”

Another wrote that they were “horrified” at the plans to “extend the already intruding building.”

Their response continued: “We strongly, very strongly, object!

“Mill Pond is a beautiful peaceful area for residents to wander around and enjoy seeing the wildlife in and around the small lake. The current McDonald’s building and the car park already intrude and also results in litter scattered around.”

The extensions would be to the front, side and rear of the building, with the latter becoming the drive-thru booth.

The changes to the car park meant it would have been enlarged but after making alterations to the application, with the only change being the repositioning of two ‘grill bays’ at the end of the drive-thru.

The application is recommended for approval and councillors will discuss it at a meeting of the planning committee on Thursday, December 13.