A SPATE of taxis are being targeted for cash after a man had his car window smashed in with a concrete slab.

Narahari Basnet from Priestwood in Bracknell discovered his car window was completely crushed by a heavy paving slab as he was about to set off for work.

At around 1am on Monday, November 19 the taxi man was in his house when he heard a bang.

He said: “There have been a lot of fireworks recently so when I heard a bang I didn’t expect it to be my car.”

“I feel very frustrated, I’ve had this happen to me before so it has just become normal now and there is nothing I can do.”

The 50-year-old has been taxiing for 17 years and worries about the future.

He added: “There is such a mess, when they came to fix the window they cleared up the glass but I still worry that my own children and passengers could get hurt.”

He told the News that his colleagues at Hackney Carriages have experienced break-ins to their own taxis in the past.

Prem Rai from Great Hollands had his taxi broken into two months ago, with a brick being smashed through the window.

The 55-year-old said: “It is just sad. I just see it as normal for cars to be broken into and if I see it happen next time I will deal with it myself.

“I feel I have to take the law into my own hands.”

Mr Rai had his car parked in a locked garage, but the car wasn’t locked. The thieves broke into the garage and smashed a brick through the car window.

He said: “I would sometimes leave some loose change in the car but for the sake of £5 is it worth breaking into a car?”

Call Thames Valley Police on 101 if you have any more information