THE COUNCIL is set to outline how it will ensure that no child in Bracknell “is held back by disadvantage, inequality or neglect.”

A report produced for the council showed the council will work with a number of organisations, including Frimley Health Foundation Trust and Thames Valley Police, to ensure children are kept safe and are provided with opportunities.

The document read: “We will work together as partners, combining our skills, expertise and resources in partnership to support children, young people and families.

“All partners within Children & Young People’s Partnership Board will commit to the delivery of this strategy and work tirelessly to reduce the gap between those who are doing well and those who are doing less well.”

The Bracknell Forest Children & Young People’s Partnership Plan suggests the council should focus on five areas in order to achieve its targets.

Those priorities include ensuring all children are safe and protected, reducing the impact of poverty on children in Bracknell, promoting resilience in children, families and their communities, ensuring all children have access to quality education and celebrating children’s contributions and their successes.

Predictions outline that the council hopes targeting these key areas will help to reduce looked after children going missing, will mean fewer referrals to children’s social care, will mean improved GCSE results, will reduce school absences and substance abuse, will mean fewer young people not in employment and will mean an increase in the number of events held to celebrate young people.

The report is set to be approved by the council’s executive on Wednesday, November 28.