A FATHER forced his 11-year-old son into having sex with his stepmother, claiming it would ‘cure’ him from being gay.

Daniel Dowling, now 36, has bravely revealed the sexual torment he was subjected to in his childhood, following the sentencing of the evil pair.

He suffered for three years at the home in Bracknell and the offending only came to light in 2015 when he secretly recorded a phone call with his father.

Richard Dowling and stepmother Annette Breakspear frequently forced the boy into sexual activity when they were 38 years old.

Now 62, Dowling snr, a former Ministry of Defence employee, was sentenced to five years at Reading Crown Court.

The father would force his son to kiss the stepmother’s breasts and Daniel remembers returning to the family home to find her naked and handcuffed to the bed.

Breakspear received an eight-year sentence for her part in the ordeal, with Daniel summoning the courage to speak about his abuse for the first time since the trial in May.

Speaking to The Sunday Mirror, Daniel said: “It was dad’s job to protect me. They stole my childhood. I can never get past that.”

The fashion retail manager was abused again when he was 16 and police found naked images of Daniel at the paedophile’s home.

The teenager revealed his childhood trauma to a psychologist, but no arrests were made after his father and stepmother were interviewed.

After claiming his son was an ‘attention seeking’ liar, the father admitted to one count of cruelty to a child and two counts relating to sexual offences involving a child. He was found not guilty of one count of indecent assault.

In one depraved incident his father made his son perform oral sex on his stepmother and punched him when he refused.

It only came to an end after Dowling's relationship with Breakspear broke down in 1996 and they moved to Weymouth, Dorset.

The judge overseeing the case, Maria Lamb, told Dowling he had a ‘warped sense of right and wrong’ and described the abuse of trust as ‘monstrous’.

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