A BAT will be spending Halloween in a rescue sanctuary after he experienced his very own fright night.

The tiny bat nicknamed as ‘Batty’ was taken to Moor Cottage Veterinary Hospital in Binfield after being attacked by a cat.

Staff at Moor Cottage Vets had a tricky task of examining the Pipistrelle Bat, which weighs just six grams and measures 40 millimetres long.

Kim Rogers, Moor Cottage’s client care manager said: “A member of the public bought Batty into us after he had been pounced on by a cat.”

The cat was caught in the act by its owners when it had carried the bat into the house.

Batty was then taken to Moor Cottage vets to be looked after.

Kim added: “Luckily, Batty survived the ordeal and he has now been taken to the Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue Centre in Windlesham for some much-needed rest and recuperation.”