POLITICIANS from Bracknell and Wokingham marched on London last weekend to campaign for a final say on the government’s Brexit deal.

Estimates suggest more than 700,000 people joined the People’s Vote march, including Bracknell MP Phillip Lee, Bracknell councillors Mary Temperton and Peter Heydon and more than thirty Wokingham Lib Dem members.

Clive Jones, Deputy Leader of the Lib Dems at Wokingham Borough Council said: "There was a fantastic atmosphere on the march.

“It was incredible to see so many people from all over the UK, from Yorkshire, Lancashire, Scotland, Shropshire, Kent, Wales, Hampshire, Cornwall, West Midlands, London and Berkshire."

Bracknell Labour also went on the march and Bracknell Forest Council’s only Labour councillor Mary Temperton told the News: “It is really important that we do have a vote at the end to say whether we should come out or go back to Europe.

“The reason I think this is that I don’t think when the first vote happened people did not know what it was all about, and I think people do know what it is all about now.

“We would be making an informed decision now.”

Fellow Bracknell Forest Council councillor Peter Heydon also went on the march in London.

He told the News: “I don’t think anybody understood the impact of Brexit.

“Going into a no-deal or a not-clear deal is not good for the country.

“(Going to the march) was quite a personal thing.

“I have never been on a march before and I really was struck by by the cross-section of people and there was a lot of younger people there.

“There were people from all across the political spectrum - I went as an individual, not a Conservative.

“I was there expressing my concern.”

Conservative Bracknell MP Dr Phillip Lee, who notoriously resigned from his position as a justice minister earlier this year in order to protest the government’s Brexit plans, was also at the march.

He said: “When people voted in the last referendum, many voted with their heart.

"They were not given all the facts and wrongly told that a deal could be put together in just six months.

"Brexiteers claimed it would be easy to separate from the EU, but 28 months later we still have no sign of an agreement."

Dr Lee was among a number of public figures who funded free coach travel for people to get to London last weekend (Saturday, October 20).