THE COUNCIL is set to receive a £400,000 social care boost from the government to help with its services this winter.

John Redwood, the MP for Wokingham, took credit for the award claiming he had pushed the government to support the councils in his constituency.

However more than 150 local authorities received a share of a £240m winter social care funding boost from the central government.

He wrote on Twitter: “I've lobbied extensively for more money for social care and I'm pleased that Wokingham Council will get £401,589 and West Berkshire Council £500,898 from the government this winter to prevent people from going into hospital unnecessarily and getting patients home as soon as they are ready.”

In a blog posted on Mr Redwood’s website, he claims: “This funding will ease pressure on the health system, and follows the announcement of £145 million to improve emergency care within the NHS this winter.

“The money will pay for home care packages to help patients get out of hospital quicker, reablement packages to help patients carry out everyday tasks and regain mobility and confidence, and home adaptations.

“I have lobbied extensively for more money for social care for our local councils and am glad we will receive some of this latest increase.”

However Wokingham Liberal Democrats councillor Clive Jones pointed out that the council’s current overspend in adult social care is £800,000

He said: “This new £400k only reduces the projected overspend. It's unlikely to lead to any improvement in services.

Councillor David Hare added: “Any extra funding is valuable but I'm afraid it won't mean loads more services from the Council.

“The social care budget is already overspent, and that is without the pressures of winter with care only provided to those who pass an 'ill enough' threshold.

“This extra money should mean that services will, hopefully, be more time and individual appropriate.

“This is seen both to providing services that keep people out of hospital and accelerating their reablement in the community when they leave hospital, as well as building people's confidence and providing home adaptations that facilitate the individual living at home.

“I am very pleased that this finance seems to be targeted specifically by central Government and hope that it might ease the winter pressures always experienced at this time of year.

“It would have been helpful to have had this money at least three months ago to give sufficient lead in time for the work and staffing required.”

Wokingham Borough Council has been contacted for comment.

Neighbouring authority Bracknell Forest Council is set to receive £361,000 from the government and Royal Borough for Windsor and Maidenhead is expected to gain £476,000.

Reading Borough Council will receive more than £560,000.