A DADDY-daughter duo have scooped first prize after their catchy song inspired others to recycle more.

Mayana Brown, a pupil at College Town Primary School, Sandhurst, was selected from 700 entries across the country thanks to the help of her father Tim.

The competition, run by British Glass, is part of a nationwide effort to encourage people to recycle glass packaging.

Caroline Pragnell, who helped 10-year-old Mayana with her entry, said: “All of the children have been singing the song.

"It is really great, because my focus is about teaching the children about sustainability. I am constantly on the lookout for ways to do this and this initiative has successfully inspired the children to recycle glass.”

The song became big a hit at Mayana's school and she won £500 of vouchers for her school by claiming first prize.

The Year 5 pupil also scooped a Kindle Fire tablet and has been hailed as 'a true Glass Guardian' for her efforts.

British Glass' scheme provides teachers with materials and activity sheets to help them educate children.

All glass can be recycled by being remelted indefinitely, without any loss of quality.

Victoria Adams, senior communications officer at British Glass, added: “We really wanted to engage with primary schoolchildren, as they are the recyclers of the future and we are proud to say that through this initiative we have potentially reached over 96,000 pupils with important messages about recycling glass.

“Mayana’s entry was truly inspirational, demonstrating her creativity and understanding of the subject.

"At present, around one third of the bottles and jars we use never get the chance to be made into new glass - often because people don’t recycle.

"We want to change that and make sure every bottle and jar is put back into the system.

"Mayana is a true Glass Guardian as her song will help inspire others to do just that, and as more used glass is turned into new glass we will reduce CO2 emissions and energy use.”

Visit: vimeo.com/281434785 to watch Mayana and her dad performing the award-winning song.