Residents rejoiced as Her Majesty the Queen came to Bracknell on Friday.

Queen Elizabeth the second was given a tour of the new town centre by council representatives as hundreds of excited locals came to see her.

The tour started at The Bull pub on Eagle Lane and ended at The Avenue with the Queen unveiling a plaque commemorating her visit to the town.

Timothy Wheadon, Chief Executive of Bracknell Forest Council, told the News: “It was a great occasion for the borough.

“Her Majesty was interested in the entire project, the way we had delivered it and also all the people that had come to visit her. She made everybody feel at ease.”

Councillor Iain McCracken said: “Some of the councillors here today have been working to get this achievement (of regenerating the town centre) for over twenty years.

“This crowns the event by having Her Majesty come here herself - it was a great occasion.”

The Queen was greeted by more than 75 primary schoolchildren outside The Bull and at Union Square Her majesty was introduced to a number of key staff from the town centre regeneration's teams, before she walked down Braccan Walk North and saw what the new space had to offer.

The Queen next went into Fenwick department store where she was greeted by two-year-old Alba Fenwick Kelly who presented flowers before The Queen.

The tour ended when Her Majesty The Queen unveiled a commemorative plaque alongside council leader Paul Bettison at The Avenue.

Orchestra Berkshire Maestros provided an inspiring performance for the The Queen who was handed another set of flowers by two children from Birch Hill Primary School.

Bracknell’s old and young came out to see a glimpse of Her Majesty and one lucky resident told the News about her encounter with the Queen.

Georgie Redding-Lang said: “It was absolutely amazing.

“We brought flowers for her and she took them from me.

“She smiled at me and I said “hello your Majesty, you look gorgeous today”, and she said “thank you very much” - it was very special.”

Others described the day as “fantastic”, “perfect” and “brilliant for Bracknell.”

Watch the video above to relive the day’s events.