Uber is making life “unfair” for taxi drivers, according to the council.

More than 100 taxi licence holders in the borough signed a petition in June demanding Bracknell Forest Council take action against Uber and now the authority is set to push national figures for action.

A report produced for the council read: “Under the existing legislation, private hire vehicles are not restricted geographically, meaning they are not limited to working in the area in which they are licensed.”

As long as the driver is licensed by Transport for London (TfL), they can operate anywhere in the country.

The report continued: “Recently there has been a rise in the number of TfL licensed vehicles working in Bracknell.

“While this is lawful, it causes issues from a regulatory standpoint, particularly in relation to enforcement matters, as the local authority has no powers to test vehicles and TfL will not be carrying out enforcement checks outside of their area.

“It is also asserted by individual operators and drivers licensed by Bracknell Forest that this amounts to unfair competition because...drivers licensed by TfL do not have to undergo all of the same checks as those in Bracknell before a licence is issued or renewed.

“This is an unsatisfactory position. It is also the case that whilst one authority receives the fees, another may be tasked with the policing of the regime, again placing unfair demands on the local licensing authority.”

The council is set to write to Bracknell MP Phillip Lee, TfL, the relevant minister of state,and the Local Government Association about their concerns after discussing the report at a meeting on Thursday, October 18.

According to the letter sent to the council in June, Bracknell drivers are forced to shell out a minimum of £519 every year to run a taxi in the borough.

The petition, signed by 108 drivers, read: “The number of Uber drivers plying for trade in Bracknell has risen over the months.

“We pay a lot for our badges whereas Uber doesn’t pay a penny to Bracknell Council.

“This has had an effect on our earnings - we the licensed drivers find this unfair and undermining.

“This is affecting our living.”

The council will meet to discuss what actions it could take in response to the letter.