THE fallen heroes of World War One will be remembered at an event organised by Bracknell Town Council next month.

Schools, churches and community groups are being encouraged to come together to mark 100 years since the end of the war on November 11.

In partnership with Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI), the day will focus on educating the town about the impact the war had on Bracknell.

Creative writing and arts competitions will be launched in schools across the area and the winning entries will be displayed at South Hill Park at a performance of Private Peaceful.

History workshops and assemblies are being carried out by Bracknell Town Council across primary and secondary schools to educate the importance of our heritage to the build-up of the event.

A council spokesman said: "Our main aim is to educate Bracknell of our heritage, develop knowledge of our younger generation of our local history and unite our community.

"We aim to achieve this by providing an array of free WWI engaging activities for all ages and abilities to ensure our heritage remains."

The event will comprise of a re-enactment of the truce football match between the British and German soldiers in authentic uniforms.

Various educational crafts will be on offer for families to create remembrance poppies and military vehicles will also be on display, along with fairground rides for children.

There will be a reading of Bracknell's fallen soldiers and a fireworks display will round off the event, just as Bracknell celebrated the end of the war.

Bracknell Forest History Society will also be on hand to provide a wealth of knowledge.

During the First World War, South Hill Park was used as a war work collection centre and around 15 per cent of the population were destroyed by the damage caused.