Shinfield residents who fear they are "not being listened to" have called on the council to stop house building over fears of overdevelopment.

More than 1,600 concerned locals have signed a petition demanding a full council debate about proposed development between South of Cutbush Lane and North of Arborfield Road.

Councillor Gary Cowan, who represents Arborfield,  presented the petition to the entire council after residents complained that the four Shinfield councillors would not take their calls or answer their emails.

Shinfield resident Jim Frewin told the News: “This is another case of enough is enough.

“The petition speaks about the impacts of building in Shinfield.

“Shinfield has increased in size by 280% in less than fifteen years.

“The engagement from the Shinfield councillors is so poor.

“The almost total lack of interest, support and engagement from the Shinfield Borough Councillors resulted in the petition being presented by Gary Cowan the Arborfield Councillor.

“Shinfield residents are not being listened to by their own councillors so they asked Gary to present the petition on their behalf.”

The petition has been forwarded to the executive member for business, economic development and strategic planning Cllr Stuart Munro.

However councillor Barrie Patman, who represents the Shinfield South ward, told the News: "We were never asked by the people who run the petition if we wanted to be involved in the petition.

"We are fully behind all the people who are wanting to stop development.

"90 per cent of all house applications we vote against. 

"Most of them were approved by one inspector in Bristol.

"If we go to court (to challenge the inspector's decision) each time that costs £100,000 in legal fees. 

"Unless there is a change in the law we are not going to win these battles.

"We are going to do everything we can - we are gradually getting there."

When asked about the supposed lack of correspondence between Shinfield residents and Shinfield councillors, which includes council leader Charlotte Haitham Taylor, Cllr Patman said: "I think that some of my fellow councillors are very busy individuals.

"It is almost impossible to respond to all emails.

"The problem that exists for Shinfield - when there are only four of us (Shinfield councillors) is that there are 51 other councillors who also don't want more houses in their area.

"There are also lots of people who want to move into the borough too."

Earlier this week the News reported that more than 4,000 residents had signed a petition demanding the council stops building in Barkham.

The petition read: “There is considerable unease about how the borough is managing excessive development.

“The overwhelming view was enough is enough.

“We were constantly told we were wasting our time because (the) borough does not listen, (the) borough does not care, (the) borough has its own agenda.”