Disability charity Bracknell Shopmobility has sent a letter to the council pleading with them to reconsider ceasing their funding.

The Bracknell charity, which provides scooters and chairs for residents with mobility impairments, was told in November 2016 that the £32,800 it used to receive from the council every year would be reduced to nothing by 2020.

Speaking to the News, Acting Chairman of Bracknell Shopmobility Bob Draper said: “The council said we should be able to replace their grant with an anticipated membership increase which would increase income.”

“But we have spelt out that this is very unlikely.

“Even if it (the membership) was to double we would have to charge a huge amount of money in order to reach the former amount of grants.

“With new retailers and shoppers coming into the town centre we hoped we would be able to get money from them.

“We don’t think that this is feasible and all we are asking (the council) is that they reconsider the situation.

“People make donations and we raise between 25 to 30 thousand pounds a year to meet the deficit.

“It is going to take a lot of effort to raise another 30 thousand pounds.

"We expect the councillors to consider our letter in the spirit it was written as we all want to see Shopmobility in the town centre.”

Membership of Bracknell Shopmobility has increased by just 8% since The Lexicon opened in 2017 as 120 people now pay £30 a year for use of their equipment.

However this is far less than the 270 members Bracknell Shopmobility had in May 2012.

An equality assessment undertaken by the council following the decision read: “people with disabilities might be affected as they are their core clients.”

In response, Bracknell Forest Council member Iain McCracken, executive member for culture, resources and public protection, said: “I can confirm we have received a letter from Shopmobility asking the council to reconsider its decision regarding funding for the voluntary organisation.

“We will be reviewing this request as part of the council’s usual budget cycle, which is due to start shortly.

“Shopmobility will be notified directly once we are in a position to share the outcome of its request.”