CAR PARK charges in Bracknell could be set to rise by up to 30 pence an hour.

Councillors are set to decide whether prices in Avenue, High Street, Braccan Walk and Weather Way car parks should go up but it is recommended to the council that prices are kept the same for motorists for the year up to September 2019.

However, a report produced for the council read: “The council could increase the charges as per a formula incorporated in the lease for the Avenue car park.”

Should the Bracknell Town Centre Regeneration Committee decide to reject the recommendation in favour of raising prices, fees for parking would climb by 10 pence an hour for the first three hours.

This means the rate for three hours would increase to £3.30.

A car parking for four to seven hours would be charged an extra 20 pence per hour and vehicles parked for any longer than this would see a hike of 30 pence per hour after eight hours.

After 6pm drivers would see a ten pence increase per hour.

The report acknowledged the other car parks in the area.

It read: “All car parks face competition from the 2 hours of free parking in the Point and 1½ hours free parking at Waitrose.”

The council currently provides 3,000 car parking spaces in the town centre.

The committee is set to decide the matter on Monday, September 10.