VISITORS travelling to Legoland Windsor on the bus can now buy their tickets direct from the driver.

Reading Buses has announced that same-day entry tickets can now be bought through an on-board ticket machine for all customers travelling from Bracknell on the Green Line 702 and 703 services.

Customers buying tickets on the bus can save up to £15 per person compared with same day prices on the gate at the theme park.

The machine will print out vouchers on the bus which can then be exchanged at the main entrance of the park to gain entry.

Prices range from £32 to £47 based on Legoland's peak and off-peak dates, but will not be available over Christmas.

Reading Buses' business development manager, Gemma Redson said: "Legoland Windsor Resort plays an important role in the success of Green Line and this is a great opportunity for us to cement our partnership with them while also providing as much choice to our customers as possible.

"By offering transport and entry in one place, we can make our customer days out even easier and hopefully more pleasurable."