THE MP for Bracknell took a tour around two of the borough's primary schools at the end of the academic year.

Dr Phillip Lee visited Oaklands Junior and Infants School, in Crowthorne at the end of July where he was shown around by headteachers Hannah O'Neill and Hazel West.

During the last year, Oaklands have joined with Hatch Ride and Edgbarrow schools to form the Corvus Learning Trust, which has given the schools more flexibility in where they are able to purchase services.

Dr Lee also met a number of children who were moving up from the infant school to the junior school in September, and were busy writing letters of introduction to their new teachers.

Meanwhile, the junior school students were holding an art exhibition which many of their parents had come to look at.

Dr Lee said: "It is always a pleasure to visit the schools in Crowthorne. Taking over a well-run school can often be more daunting than going into one that has had problems, particularly in a time of change. However, it is obvious that Hannah has built upon the base that she inherited and is taking the school forward with her own new ideas.

“I was particularly impressed by some of the artwork on display by the children at the Junior school, which showed how the teachers were able to bring out their pupils’ creativity.

“My very best wishes to all those children who will be starting at a new school in September.”