RESIDENTS are still without phone and internet services in Crowthorne and Sandhurst this morning, five days after thieves reportedly dug up and stole copper cabling.

BT Openreach engineers have been working in the area for the last two days to try to restore service to residents and businesses after thieves removed 600 metres of cabling from the Broadmoor area.

The fault was first reported shortly before midnight on Thursday (2) but by Tuesday morning many residents were still without service.

Affected residents received a text message from BT this morning (Tuesday) to say that the fault was taking longer than expected to fix, and that service would be resumed as soon as possible.

A spokesman for BT Openreach, which maintains the phone lines, said: "The new cables are in place, and the process of joining the customers to them is now underway. Engineers are working day and night to get the work done as quickly as possible."

Computer company PC Paramedics have offered affected residents and businesses the opportunity to check their emails at their facility in Vulcan Way for free.

Managing director Steve Ling said: "If it helps anyone out then we can make a PC available in a private area, and assist with accessing emails via web mail. There will be no charge and we have coffee and bottled water."