KIND-hearted volunteers have spent the day giving back to their local community.

Thirteen employees from Vodafone gave up their free time to renovate the outdoor space at Norwood's Ravenswood Village, in Crowthorne.

The volunteers spent the day replanting colourful flowers, cutting back overgrown shrubs and sanding down wooden furniture.

The outside space forms part of an area of the village known as The Green, which is a group of supported living homes for 13 residents.

Some of the volunteers even designed and created an ABBA mural in memory of two former residents.

David Harris, Director of Development at Norwood said: “Our ambition is that corporate volunteers taking a break from their day to day working activities derive as much from their time here as we do from their effort.

Developing partnerships with local companies such as Vodafone serve to enrich the lives of our residents and provide volunteers with diverse activities in an environment that may be unfamiliar to them. We hope that they find their experience here equally rewarding.”