SHOPPERS in Wokingham are being advised to keep a close eye on their belongings following a number of thefts in recent weeks.

Thames Valley Police has received a number of 'handbag dipping' reports from people in Wokingham town centre, and has issued advise on how to keep valuables safe when out and about.

Shoppers are urged to remain alert, and to never leave their bags unattended in shopping trolleys, pushchairs or mobility scooters. Bags should be kept close to the body when walking, with valuable items kept well hidden inside, preferably within a zipped compartment.

When in restaurants or cafes, bags should be kept in your lap of on the floor between your feet. Alternatively, place the strap through one leg of the chair to prevent someone from quickly picking it up.

Carrying large amounts of money is discouraged, and valuable items should be kept to a minimum. Bells can be attached to purses that will jingle to alert you if someone has taken it out of your bag.

If your purse is stolen, contact your bank as soon as possible to cancel your cards and to minimise further theft.

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