A MOTORSPORT engineering student from Wokingham will be hoping to lead his team to glory at the world-famous Silverstone racetrack this weekend.

Ross Millar, 23, who attends Coventry University, is the team leader for the Phoenix Racing team who will be competing against more than 100 other universities from around the world in the annual Formula Student competition.

The team designed, costed and built the racing car themselves and say their vehicle, which can reach speeds of up to 75mph, is more reliable, lighter and better constructed than last year's effort.

Ross will step into the driver's seat over the weekend as the car takes to the Silverstone tarmac on Saturday and Sunday.

He said: "We’ve built this vehicle from the ground up and it will be incredible to see the car on the track. It will be the best feeling in the world when this competition is finished, wherever we place.

“Bang for buck, we’ll be one of the best teams there. Everyone on the team has worked so hard to make this car the best it can be, given our budget.

“The Formula Student experience is amazing. It’s perfect preparation for getting a job in the industry.”