FURIOUS residents are calling for the resignation of Dr Phillip Lee from his seat as a member of parliament.

Dr Lee, MP for Bracknell, resigned from his seat as a government minister so as to better oppose Theresa May on Brexit.

He did so on the morning of the key Brexit debate in commons, claiming he wanted to be able to look his children in the eye and tell them he did the right thing.

The news didn't go down too well with every resident, however, as some pointed out that Bracknell voted convincingly to leave the EU, and Dr Lee's actions were viewed as going against the wishes of his constituents.

One resident, Victor Rones, wrote: "Dr Phillip Lee should go, he has always got an excuse, lost letters that were never sent, never answers e-mails these are not just his comments they are from his office covering up for him.

"He believes he is above ordinary people and treats people as peasants.

"Plus he knew Bracknell wanted Brexit but did not support the people or the Prime Minister he should go."

A former parliamentary candidate for the Conservatives and UKIP also contacted the News to voice his concerns over Dr Lee's resignation.

Richard Thomas wrote: "I believe in the circumstances that simple resignation from the Government is not enough.

"If he truly believes that his constituents back him on his position, then he should test that by standing down from Parliament and triggering a by-election."

Dr Lee spoke with The News and defended his position, stating he would not stand down from his seat as a member of parliament, pointing out that he represents a parliamentary constituency, and not a council area.

He said: “I have made a personal sacrifice, and that is not an easy decision to make, but I did so for the future of the country and to represent the people.

“What people have to realise is I represent a parliamentary constituency, and the Brexit vote was done so on a council area.

“Bracknell Forest voted 53.9 per cent to leave, however Wokingham Borough voted 57 per cent to remain, so it’s impossible to say whether those people lived in Bracknell or Wokingham because of the parliamentary lines.” 

“I am a trustee, that is the important thing to remember. If the suggestion is that we are heading towards a system where the public is consulted before every policy suggestion, then yes the people can criticise me.”