A GAS leak in the town centre is under control, according to the gas service provider. 

Earlier this afternoon residents in Wokingham Town Centre feared they could smell gas in the Bush Walk area of the town, where work to relay the pavement and regenerate the town has been going on. 

This led to panic as it was feared the gas leak was major and could cause disruption, however this is not the case. 

A spokesman for SGN, the gas provider, confirmed that it is still business as usual in the town. 

The spokesman said: "We were called at roughly 2.30pm this afternoon to Wokingham town centre. 

"A resident thought they could smell gas, so they called us, which was absolutely the right thing to do and I would encourage others to do the same. 

"This isn't a major leak, however, and none of the surrounding buildings or businesses are effected, there is no gas leak from any building. 

"All of the shops remain open, and the town can still be accessed by residents. 

"We have an engineer on site at the moment trying to figure out what caused the leak, but the cause is currently unknown."