THIS IS the moment a fire erupted in the BSRIA building on the edge of Bracknell town. 

The building, along the same road as the Bracknell Fire Station, burst into flames at roughly 8am this morning. 

One resident of the flats overlooking the building watched the team from the Bracknell Fire Station tackling the fire, and praised their work. 

The resident said: "The fire brigade did a fantastic job to get it under control.

"About 8am the fire alarm sounded outside and I saw smoke from one of the buildings of BSRIA and I called 999.

"I was not the only one to do so, and the fire brigade was on site within 5 minutes.

"Smoke started to get more intense. Fire brigade cut their way into building."

It was at this point that the fire brigade got to work tackling the blaze.

"At this point the smoke was getting thick and the fire brigade made a hole in the wall of the building.

"Yellowish smoke started to bellow toward the direction of Downshire Way. Flames emerged from under the roof of the building and then FB dowsed them from the outside.

"All in all, from moment of calling 999 to smoke dispersing took about 40 minutes. But the fire brigade did a fantastic job."

Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service has been contacted for comment.