HENS are being given a chance of a better life thanks to the hard work of a team of volunteers in Crowthorne.

Kate and Richard Vose, who volunteer for the British Hen Welfare Trust, run re-homing days from their centre for down-on-their-cluck hens.

This week, the charity has extended its thanks to its 600 plus volunteers like Kate and Richard as part of National Volunteer Week.

An incredible 50,000 commercial hens are saved by the charity across the country every year, and are given the chance of a new life thanks to re-homing centres such as Kate and Richard's.

Kate said: “When one of our original hens died, our remaining hen needed some friends, so we decided to adopt a couple of ex-bats. Their arrival made us reconsider the way we looked at food production and changed our shopping and eating habits.

“We liked the way the BHWT highlighted the issues in an informed but friendly way, without being too pushy or judgmental, and it was this attitude that made us want to get more involved and promote their work.”

The charity is now looking for more volunteers, and is keen to educate young children about ex-battery hens and where their food comes from.

Kate said: "You don’t do it for the glamour! You get very dirty and very smelly; your body will ache, and you will feel extremely tired at work the next day.

“However, you will also feel hugely energised and positive, knowing that you helped to do a good thing.”

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer visit www.bhwt.org.uk/topics/become-a-volunteer or call 01884 860084.