A 'FOREIGN' lorry driver believed to have been drunk behind the wheel would have caused a tragedy, police have said.

A member of the public called Thames Valley Police (TVP) to report a driver they believed was drunk.

Officers arrived at the scene in Wokingham and ordered the driver to step out of the juggernaut.

They were immediately arrested and taken to a nearby police station for questioning.

Once they arrived, officers demanded the driver provide a sample, but they refused.

Police believed the suspect was intoxicated and sent them to a cell to ‘sober up’ before he could be interviewed.

Posting on Twitter, a spokesman said: “Foreign HGV driver arrested for drink driving in Wokingham.

“A concerned member of the public called police as they thought the driver was drunk.

“Driver refused to provide a sample in custody. Awaits interview once sober.”

Police praised the member of the public for raising the alarm.

They added: “Their call definitely prevented a tragedy.”