A SCHOOL director was left disappointed after her gesture to the community was rejected.

Serena Gunn, Meadowbrook director of education, decided that she wanted to reach out to schools in Bracknell and Ascot to invite them to use their playing fields, for events such as sports days and regular outdoor classes, as the school is situated in six acres of grounds and surrounded by fields.

After contacting multiple early years providers to offer them the use of the fields with a view to building a co-operative relationship, only two replied, with just one nursery willing to pursue the arrangement.

Ms Gunn said: "When we decided to offer the use of our grounds, we did so hoping that more children would enjoy what we have, that our pupils would see how we share with others and we’d showcase Meadowbrook and learn from each other’s practices by creating closer relationships with other providers.

"I’m surprised and a little saddened that this offer hasn’t been more readily welcomed. It feels that apathy or scepticism prevails and that this well-meaning gesture has been ignored. Rather than celebrating potential partnerships for the benefit of all, some settings may have become too insular and suspicious, to the detriment of their children."