A MURDERER has been found guilty of assault from inside the Broadmoor unit he will die in.

Lee Firkins, 43, was convicted at Reading Magistrates Court on April 23 on three counts of assault by beating.

Firkins punched Ben Elston, Yomi Harun and Paul Robertson during his outburst.

The prison attack comes after Firkins was handed a life sentence in 2005, along with his brother, Robert, for the brutal murder of a couple at a petrol station in Cornwall.

The petrol station was owned by Graham and Carol Fisher, and it was there that the Firkins brothers shot them multiple times after bludgeoning them with a sledgehammer.

The pair launched an appeal in 2015 after a key witness in the original case was sent to prison for his involvement in a £1,000 planned killing.

On October 24, 2017, Firkins assaulted three men inside Broadmoor by beating in the latest in a string of crimes in the hospital. He denied the charges, but was found guilty on April 23.

This was not Firkins’ first offence behind bars, however.

It comes after Firkins used a makeshift knife to stab a fellow inmate in the head multiple times inside a cell at maximum security prison HMP Full Sutton in February 2016.

After that incident, Firkins was handed an extra five years on top of his life imprisonment, and it was from there that he was sent to Broadmoor. 

He refused to speak to his lawyer or attend the hearing. 

After the Broadmoor assault, Firkins again did not attend the hearing. 

He was told to pay £450 in compensation costs, but was not given any further punishment due to his life sentence.