MONTY Python fans are in for a treat as Spamalot gallops into South Hill Park this week.

East Berkshire operatic Society (EBOS)'s production of the Monty Python classic opened at The Wilde Theatre on Tuesday night with plenty of thrills, spills and rabbits with nasty, big, pointy teeth.

Featuring all the surreal and sublime moments that made The Holy Grail famous in the 1970s, Spamalot throws in plenty of catchy musical numbers and dance sequences to give the show the Braodway sheen.

Following the quest of Arthur, King of the Britons (played by Adrian McDougall), and his motley crew of The Knights of the Round Table to find the holy grail, the show features all the classic characters from the original story, including Arthur's servant Patsy (Andy Carmichel), The Black Knight (Eddie Spencer) and The Lady of the Lake (Emily Burton).

King Arthur and the Knights unite to complete their quest, hounded by the Knights of Ni and the French Taunters along the way, but all's well that end's well as the victors head off on their 'horses' (complete with coconuts) to retrieve the grail, a lovely shrubbery and a bride for Arthur.

Some knock-out performances from powerhouse Emily Burton as the diva-like Lady of the Lake raise the bar of the show, and side-splitting jokes courtesy of Sir Robin (Ashleigh Wells), Sir Dennis Galahad (Stuart Hayllor) and Sir Lancelot (Adam Wilkinson) means Spamalot ticks all the boxes for a rip-roaring night out.

With all the classic jokes that Python afficionados will know and love, as well as some more topical references thrown in for good measure (You Won't Succeed in Bracknell going down very well with the SHP audience), EBOS has kept Spamalot fresh, entertaining and accessible for all.

Spamalot is at the Wilde Theatre until Saturday, May 19. Performances start at 7.45pm, tickets are £19.50, concessions £18.50. To book visit or call the Box Office on 01344 484123.

Tickets for EBOS' next production, Guys and Dolls, which opens at The Wilde Theatre on July 17, are on sale now.