BOMB DISPOSAL units are on site after an unexploded World War Two bomb was found on a building site.

Residents have been evacuated from their homes on the Matthewsgreen development. 

Road closures are currently in place in Twyford Road, Wiltshire Road and Matthewsgreen Road.

A Thames Valley Police spokesman on the scene said: I don't know if it actually is a bomb. All I know is that the road is closed from Cantley Park up to Forest Road, and then again at Warren House Road. 

"Residents have been moved out of their homes at the Matthewsgreen development. 

"There is currently an assessment going on to determine what exactly it is. The road is likely to be closed for some time."

Thames Valley Police tweeted at 4.38pm that officers are currently dealing with an incident in Bell Foundry Lane, but did not expand on what the nature of the incident.

A resident said: "We've been told that it's an unexploded World War Two bomb.

"All of the roads around here have been shut and they have started to evacuate us.

"Hurst Road and Twyford Road have both been closed off.

"There are police everywhere and lots of ambulances and fire engines too."

A police statement released at 6.57pm on Wednesday confirmed that an 'unexploded device' had been uncovered on a construction site.

The statement read: "

An unexploded device, suspected to be historic ordinance, has been discovered on a construction site in Wokingham(Bell Foundry Lane) this afternoon at around 3.45pm.

"Thames Valley Police officers are at the scene. A cordon has been set up at the site and workers have been evacuated from the site.

"To prevent unnecessary blockage of the roads, members of the public are requested to keep away from the area.

"No houses have needed to be evacuated and police will be liaising with local residents to keep them updated in relation to the incident."

The roads have since been reopened and residents have been allowed back to their properties.