A TRAGIC young bodybuilder was found dead by his dad, who had received a call to say his son had not turned up for work. 

Daniel Morgan of Kelvin Gate, Bracknell died at his home on January 5 with a cocktail of drugs and steroids found in his system. 
An inquest heard how sachets of a ‘powder’ were found on the bedside table.

The 27-year-old was found by his father, David Morgan, who received a phone call to say that his son had not turned up for work that morning. 

He immediately cycled to his son’s home and let himself in with a spare key, only to find Daniel lifeless on his bed without a pulse.

Paramedics were called, but Mr Morgan was declared dead upon their arrival.

A toxicology report performed by Dr Susan Paterson found that Mr Morgan’s coronary artery was occluded by up to 80 per cent and that any amount of drugs could be fatal. The coroner said he had done thousands of inquests and never heard of such occlusion in someone so young.

The inquest at Reading Town Hall on May 1 heard that Bradley Morgan told Thames Valley Police that his brother often took cocaine and ketamine on weekends.

Additionally, the report found traces of benzoylecgonine, a breakdown product of cocaine, in his blood and urine as well as a fatal level of morphine.

There was also a presence of tamoxifen, a steroid commonly taken by weightlifters. 

Dr Rezan Gardy, who performed the post mortem said: “I am well used to seeing occluded coronary arteries and it is something that is developed over many years, but Mr Morgan’s heart is occluded by up to 80 per cent in some areas but there is no evidence of a heart attack or evidence that it caused his death.”

No alcohol was found in his system.

Senior Coroner for Berkshire, Peter Bedford recording the cause of death as drug related, said: “I cannot remember seeing such heart impairment in someone so young.

“If you have a heart that is not 100 per cent then any intake will be more catastrophic.

“The cause of death that I record is drug-related.”