RECEPTION children at a primary school in Wokingham welcomed six new additions to their classroom last week.

Pupils at Keep Hatch Primary School, in Ashridge Road, have spent this term learning about eggs and how ducklings develop before hatching.

Six unhatched duck eggs were brought into the classroom to be incubated and observed, with the children noting any daily changes in their 'Keep Hatchery Diary'.

The eggs finally hatched on Wednesday, April 25, and the children took it in turns to carefully hold them, and describe how they looked and felt.

Reception teacher Mrs Hickey said: "The children have had lots of fun waiting for the ducklings to hatch and seeing the cracks appear in the eggs.

"We have named five of them - Mr Munch, Donald, Lily, Ruby and Spuffin, which is a mix of our two reception class names, Sparrows and Puffins. The children all suggested names, we put them into a hat and picked them at random.

"Once the children have all had a chance to hold the ducklings, the rest of the school will come down to meet them. Everyone is very excited."

When they are old enough, the ducklings will be returned to the suppliers they came from, with most then being placed on open farms.

One of the pupils said: "We had lots of fun learning about the eggs, and how they are different from the eggs we have for breakfast. I enjoyed holding the ducklings, they were really soft."