THE COUNCIL has received a one-off grant worth over half a million pounds.

The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead has been given a government grant of £547,000 to allow the council to invest in services across the borough.

The council has received £172,000 towards an overaching planning strategy, designed to help links between the Royal Borough, Chiltern District Council, Slough Borough Council and South Bucks District Council.

It has also received £90,000 towards a traffic study to enhance connections and manage traffic along the A308 corridor.

The work would assess the impact of increased development along the corridor and set out options to mitigate this.

As well as that, there is also £285,000 grant for the Royal Borough to invest in a design quality fund.

This design quality fund will ensure the council is able to continue its work with neighbourhood plan group and will allow for a masterplan to be created to guide future development in Windsor and tall buildings strategy.

Cllr David Coppinger, cabinet member for planning and health (inc. sustainability), said: “This is fantastic news for the Royal Borough and our neighbours and this funding will help us to continue to match much-needed developments with well-planned infrastructure.

“As we build a borough for everyone we will continue to make decisions today that help keep our communities well-connected while protecting the characteristics that make this borough, and the wider area, such a wonderful place to live, work and visit.”