A FIGURE-SKATING pair have returned from serious injury to win an international dance trophy.

Bracknell’s Adam Bouaziz and Ava-Mae Martell returned from Italy with gold at the Egna Dance Trophy International Dance competition which took place from February 2 to 4.

The injury-plagued couple were unlikely competitors after Ava-Mae suffered a skull-fracture late last year and Adam was hospitalised with a broken jaw, a lost tooth and had to undergo lip surgery following a trampoline accident over the Christmas holiday period.

But, despite Adam being off the ice for more than a month and leaving only a handful of training sessions, the couple scooped up a first in Free-dance then went on to win overall, picking up the gold in their first appearance at the competition.

The pair, coached by David Phillips and Lucine Chakmakjian, will now prepare for an international training camp to be held at the end of May.

Ms Chakmakjian said: “We are incredibly proud of their achievement considering the injuries and troubles they have had over the past few months. At the time of Adam’s injury, we had not even finished the choreography, which left us very little time to practice when he was able to return which makes the achievement that much bigger.”