THE CURRENT council offices could form the next part of the regeneration of the town centre, after the council applied to have them demolished.

Bracknell Forest Council has applied to demolish Easthampstead House, which currently houses the council chambers.

The offices are in the process of moving over to the building in Time Square, on Market Street.

A Bracknell Forest Council spokesman said: “Currently there are no detailed proposals for this site, and the site will be looked at in the context of the next phases of the Town centre regeneration.”

This means the site could be used in the next step of the Bracknell town centre regeneration, as The Lexicon looks to expand.

The next step of town centre overhaul will be the development of The Deck, and the subsequent development of the current Princess Square site.

Ms Kamay Toor, from Bracknell Forest Council, detailed the plans for the demolition, and hinted at what could be next after the building is razed to the ground.

She wrote in the planning application: “The Easthampstead House. Town Square, Bracknell building is now surplus to requirements. The building was constructed in the 1960s and its core design does not lend itself to conversion for an alternative use.

“Consequently, it has been agreed in council that the building is demolished as part of future budgetary savings.

“It is considered that the building could be fully demolished and the site used for additional car parking, the surface being formed with the arising from the demolition.

“However, due to the difference in levels between the front and rear of the building, (the rear and basement level being 3m lower) may result in the basement structure being left in the ground and not cleared to act as earth support and retention, providing stability to surround levels. The final structural solution for the site being the subject of contractors final design.”