DETAILS have been approved for the development of more than 100 homes on land near Sandhurst High Street.

Bracknell Forest Council last year gave outline planning permission for the development of 108 dwellings, as well as a new access off High Street, Sandhurst, following the demolition of two existing dwellings.

Bloor Homes submitted the proposals to the council, as well as a drawing of the new community centre, which will be located just off the High Street, at the junction with the new road.

Also included in the plans is a new community centre, and public open space.

The homes will be developed in a currently uninhabited parcel of land off Sandhurst High Street, with two existing dwellings making way for the new road.

The play area will be located halfway down the new road, which will run from the High Street down to Alford Close, but will not join it.

The community centre contains an office, a store, a kitchen, a store room, and a main hall, which is 9m x 6 m.

Phased planning permission was granted by the council in August 2017, with Bloor Homes having to abide by the conditions in the approval – mainly that they could not begin work until details of the demolition were handed to, and approved by the council.

The development will contain 25 per cent affordable housing, thus meeting the council’s objective of having 25 per cent affordable homes in every development.

No objections were received from either the highways officer, lead local flood authority, biodiversity officer, or tree officer.

When originally approving the plans, the committee report recommended approval for the plans.

The report stated: “Housing development is a key component of economic growth. The proposed development represents an efficient use of an allocated site and land that is adjacent to the existing settlement boundary for Sandhurst; an area that is characterised primarily by residential development.

“Sandhurst is a sustainable location for development and is a large local service centre for the Borough.”