THE DEATH of a mother who was crushed between two vehicles when a kitchen porter reversed into her was an accident, an inquest heard.

Caixa Sun was walking back to her car following a bonfire night celebration at Sunningdale School in Ascot in 2015 when Melvin Owusu-Ansah, then 19, crashed into her.

The jury at an inquest into her death decided that Mr Owusu-Ansah, now 21, was given permission by his boss, head chef Darren Appleby, to park the school van.

Recording a verdict of accidental death at Reading Town Hall yesterday (Thursday), coroner Peter Bedford said: “The head chef at the school gave permission to the kitchen porter to drive the galaxy vehicle and to park it.

“The vehicle moved backwards with speed and killed Mrs Sun.

“The cause of death is an accident.”

The inquest, which lasted four days, had earlier heard how Mrs Sun died from severe head trauma and was declared dead at the scene by paramedics.

Mr Owusu-Ansah told the inquest he was ‘so sorry’ to Mrs Sun’s family and admitted to ‘unintentionally accelerating’ while the vehicle was in reverse.

He said: “I cannot explain how sorry I am to Mrs Sun’s family. I had tried to park the car in the correct position and it would not go, and then my foot went on to the gas.”

Mr Appleby had claimed during the hearing that he had never instructed Mr Owusu-Ansah to drive the van.

He said: “The van sped away really quickly and [I] tried to flag him down and say ‘oi, come back’.”

The Sun family, represented by Mark Bowman, had earlier called on the coroner to recommend a change in the law to allow prosecution for Mr Owusu- Ansah's accident. 

The current law prevents him from prosecution because the tragedy took place on private land and was not subject to the rules of the Road Traffic Act.

However, the coroner rejected the request, saying that government were already aware of the 'gap in the law' and plans to amend it were already in motion.

Mr Bedford, said: Part of my powers is to make the relevant authorities aware of issues that arise from these inquests that can help prevent these tragedies from happening in the future.

"In terms of changing the relevant laws it is apparent that Parliament is already aware of the possible issues. So for that reason I do not believe it is appropriate I take forwards this recommendation."