THE BRACKNELL lottery will be a great way for residents to give to charity, while trying to win money, according to a senior councillor.

Cllr Peter Heydon, executive member for transformation and finance, explained that the lottery is optional, and does not mean the council is encouraging gambling.

He said: “The council is not advocating gambling, this certainly won’t lead to the situation whereby residents are spending the last penny they have on trying to win.”

The winner of the lottery will receive £20,000, and Cllr Heydon assured that the private operator of the charity, Gatherwell LTD, will cover the costs if the fund is won in the first week.

The lottery will be open to all residents aged 18 and over, and relies on a direct debit system, with half of the money going to charity.

There will be a list of charities selected by the council, and residents can choose where a proportion of their ticket money goes.

“50p goes towards the good cause of the players choice, which will be selected by the resident from a list of pre-approved charitable causes.

“10p goes towards the designated charity of the month, which will be chosen by the council.

“20p is the cost of operating, and the remaining 20p from the £1 goes towards the prize fund.”

Residents have to match the number on their ticket to the number drawn out, and can enter either every week or every month, via setting up the direct debit.

The opening date of the lottery is yet to be confirmed, but the name of the competition is still undecided, and Cllr Heydon has requested that Bracknell News readers submit their suggestions.

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