PLANS to transform a youth centre into a state-of-the-art facility may be scrapped in favour of building new houses.

Coopers Hill Community Centre in Bracknell was promised major renovations in 2015 but the new draft local plan has revealed that the facility could be binned, and replaced with 69 new dwellings.

As part of the draft local plan, the council needs to build 670 new homes per year to keep up with the growing housing demand.

Bracknell Forest Council currently do not have any set plans to replace the centre and would need to prove that the town’s existing leisure facilities are sufficient before the plans are given the green light.

However, Councillor Dr Gareth Barnard, executive member for children, young people and learning, insisted that his administration efficiently delivers facilities that meet children’s needs in Bracknell.

He said: Our plan has always been to deliver a modern centre for young people in Bracknell and that has not changed since the election.

“Discussions for upgrading Coopers Hill took place and we wanted to to work with the provider to bring good things but we were unable to get to a point where something was deliverable and attainable.

“I want to reassure councillors that unlike many other councils, we have delivered excellent leisure facilities such as Coral Reef.

“We have always delivered targeted youth services and we are still invested in that.”

Councillor Barnard also revealed that the initial plans for Coopers Hill Community Centre may not have been sustainable for long term use.

He added: “ Any new facilities that the council builds need to compliment young people and should be something where people want to go forever.

“We can spend money but if young people will not come then it will never be successful.

“We need a town centre location that is sustainable and can accompany changing trends which will happen over the years.”