THIS IS the shocking moment thieves stole a man's "bucket list" car, without even having the keys.

Iain Heath, 38, bought the £60,000 BMW M4 a year ago, and was stunned to wake up and find it not on the driveway of his home on Woodhurst Park, Warfield. 

CCTV footage showed two men approach the car and walk off, before one returned 20 minutes later and drove off with it. 

Mr Heath explained that his wife, Bonnie, woke him up on Friday February 2 to tell him his car wasn't on the driveway. 

"The first thing we did was to look at the CCTV to see what had happened.

"I was quite distraught, it (the car) is my pride and joy, to be honest with you."

It is believed that the thieves used a device to mirror the effects of the key fob, which is only needed to be in your pocket when you drive, the driver doesn't need to plug in the key.

"To have it just taken away from you through no fault of my own, it was very distressing."

"It doesn't make a different what the price is, but it's not as if this is some £100 banger, and it's not as if the car has been put on the back of a lorry and driven away, someone has literally walked up and driven it off. 

Mr Heath has since contacted his insurance company and BMW themselves to get to the bottom of how this can happen. 

"I just want to know how the car can be made with this fault. 

"I can't fault the police at all, they've been great with me. I contacted them straight away and an officer came around and interviewed me.

"They were reassuring but didn't leave me holding out much hope for ever seeing it again."

Thames Valley Police and BMW have been contacted for comment.