THE FAMILY of a murdered schoolgirl are appealing for information about her death 25 years after her body was found in Bracknell.

Seven-year-old Stacey Queripel disappeared from her home in Birch Hill on January 24, 1993 after asking her mother to go to bed early. She was last seen alive at 5.30pm, but her body was found by a police dog handler several hours later in woodland near South Hill Park.

Initially, police thought the youngster’s necklaces had become entangled in branches, leading to her asphyxiation.

But a post-mortem revealed marks on her body consistent with being strangled. A Home Office pathologist concluded that she was probably killed elsewhere as her shoes were clean despite the muddy ground where her body was found.

Police arrested the girl’s mother, Gilliane Queripel, on suspicion of murder but she was later released.

The East Berkshire coroner, who recorded her death as an unlawful killing, said at the time he feared without fresh evidence her killer may never be found. No-one was ever charged with her murder, and police admit the trail has run cold.

Now, on the 25th anniversary of her death, one of Stacey’s siblings, who wishes to remain anonymous, is calling for their sister to not be forgotten.

Speaking exclusively to the Bracknell News, they said: “We just want justice for Stacey.

“They didn’t have the forensics at the time that they do now, so I hope the anniversary will spur the police to look into it again.

“The case was never closed so I hold out hope that one day we will find who did this.”

Stacey’s sibling, who had been put into care before Stacey’s murder, said the Channel 4 drama Kiri, starring Sarah Lancashire, had brought up painful memories of their sister’s death.

She said: “It’s a cold case and still unsolved, and is similar to the programme Kiri at the moment. I just feel that after so many years without justice she needs to be at peace, and that someone is still fighting her corner. I am hoping she gets the justice she deserves.”

A Thames Valley Police spokesman confirmed there are no plans to reopen the case.

They said: “We’re not planning an appeal but anyone with information is asked to call 101 and speak to the Major Crime Review Team.”