Dr Phillip Lee has been told off by Downing Street this evening for comments he made on Twitter.

The Bracknell MP has been slapped down for a string of tweets about Brexit.

Dt Lee, justice secretary,commented on the news that Prime Minister Theresa May will release the 'leaked' memo showing the consequences of Brexit. 

The reports claimed that the UK would be much worse off no matter what deal is made with the EU. 

He posted: "If these figures turn out to be anywhere near right, there would be a serious question over whether a government could legitimately lead a country along a path that the evidence and rational consideration indicate would be damaging.

"We can't just dismiss this and move on. If there is evidence to the contrary, we need to see and consider that too."

Dr Lee was punished for his outburst, and told in no uncertain terms to keep his opinions to himself in future. 

A Downing Street spokesman said: "He's been spoken to by the chief whip. He has been reminded he can best air his views in private."

"He was asked to air his views in private in future."

Dr Lee has been contacted for comment.