A CONVICTED rapist, who phoned a mother to brag about how he had sexually assaulted her 14-year-old daughter, could be released on parole.

Antoni Imiela, also known as the 'M25 rapist', is set to have his case reviewed by a parole board, 14 years after he was put in prison, the Sun reports today.

Imiela, 63, was jailed in 2004 and given seven life sentences, though according to reports in the Sun, he could be released as early as March this year.

One of Imiela's victims, a 12-year-old girl, was too traumatised by the events of what happened to go through with the prosecution, despite the German man being charged.

The victim, who has lifetime anonymity, was cycling to her home in Bracknell when she was attacked.

The girl was dragged off her bike before being raped in undergrowth on wasteland.

The girl's clothing had fibres from Imiela's work jacket, from his time as a railway worker.

At the time of Imiela's trial, Detective Superintendent Mark Warwick said: "She's in an incredibly traumatised state, she really didn't want to have go give evidence.

"Her parents were consulted and supported the decision not to proceed.

"She is a brave girl, still going through a terrible ordeal after what was a very harrowing experience."

A spokesman for the Parole Board said: "We can confirm that the Ministry of Justice has referred the case of Antoni Imiela for a parole review."

Katie Russell, on behalf of Rape Crisis England & Wales, said: “A number of recent cases and news stories have highlighted some very serious issues and failures of the criminal justice system in relation to sexual offences.

"Unprecedented numbers of sexual violence victims and survivors have come forward both to report to the police and to seek specialist Rape Crisis services in recent years, and this increase shows no signs of slowing.

"Despite this, nowhere near the necessary resources have been put in to making sure these victims and survivors receive both the criminal justice and the specialist support and advocacy they need and deserve.

"We support the Victims’ Commissioner in her recent calls for ‘radical reform’ not only in relation to the Parole Board and transparency around its decision-making processes and keeping victims informed, but in relation to the whole criminal justice system when it comes to sexual violence.”