A SPANISH newspaper delivery man was found dead by a hotel cleaner after stabbing himself.

Several years ago Francisco Almada moved from his home country to Halfpenny Lane, Ascot in a bid to find work.

He secured jobs in a Sunningdale restaurant and for a newsagents, and was seemingly happy until his girlfriend ended their relationship.

In evidence read out at Reading Coroner's Court on November 28, the 43 year-old's sister said: "Last January his girlfriend broke up with him and he was totally devastated.

"We tried supporting him but it wasn't enough."

The week before his death Mr Almada told a colleague he was upset after discovering his ex-girlfriend had a new partner, informing the restaurant he would not be returning several days later over the phone.

On July 14, 2017 he checked in to Sunningdale Park Hotel and at 5.13am the next morning he texted his newsagent boss: "Never before have I failed you but today is impossible."

Two days later cleaner Susan Carrington entered his hotel room.

She said: "I could see a man lying on the floor. I could see scratches all over his back and blood. There was smashed glass on the floor and on the bedding."

When the emergency services arrived, they found Mr Almada unresponsive with a bloodied knife next to him and glass from the shower strewn across the floor.

He was pronounced dead at 12.23pm on July 17. A toxicology report found prescribed anti-depressants in Mr Almada's system.

Assistant Coroner Emma Jones ruled death by suicide.