AN INVESTIGATION into the Youtube break-in at Coral Reef has concluded without arrest or charge.

On Thursday, November 2, a video was posted online showing Youtuber Ally Law and three others sneaking into the

Bracknell waterworld before hiding, tricking security, and making full use of the slides.

They were caught twice by security, but the use of their high-vis jackets enabled them to evade capture.

The Youtube sensation, with over a quarter of a million subscribers, posts videos of free-running, overnight challenges, and daring roof-climbs.

He confirmed to The News that the video was not fake, and wasn’t encouraged by Coral Reef in any way.

When asked whether he had faced any repercussions as a result of the video, Mr Law’s response was simply “None.”

In a statement released by Thames Valley Police have confirmed there will be no charges in relation to the incident as this is a ‘civil matter.’

Their statement read: “Thames Valley Police investigated a trespassing incident which occurred at Coral Reef, Bracknell on Thursday (2/11) at about 8pm.

“However, this was a civil matter, and the investigation has now been concluded.”

Since the video was posted, Mr Law has also posted videos of himself and friends sneaking into indoor ski slopes, and Arsenal Football Club’s Emirates Stadium.