A MOTORIST slapped with a £40 ticket after accidentally paying at the wrong machine was told he looked rich enough to fork out the fine.

At 4.15pm on Tuesday, October 24 James Anthony pulled into the car park on Denmark Street and paid for a ticket using the Ringo app.

He returned 45 minutes later to discover a £40 fine on his windscreen.

When he asked at the Euro Car Park’s kiosk why he received the ticket, the sales rep was told he had hired a space from the council’s machine.

“After some discussion I said to the man who was working in the help centre ‘£40 is a lot of money for an an honest mistake’,” Mr Anthony said.

“He then replied to me ‘Look at your clothes, you look like you earn a lot of money.’ He then commented on my car and was acting as if I was wealthy enough to just pay the fine.

“I’m not by any means wealthy and work hard for a living. I don't appreciate these comments by a member of staff.”

The 20 year-old left, furious at the lack of signage and close proximity of the Euro Car Park and Wokingham Borough Council machines.

He has appealed the fine and must now wait 35 days for a reply.

Mr Anthony continued: “I feel this is a terrible system and it's catching a lot of people out due to the lack of signage and it's confusing a lot of people.

“There was another man in front of me who also had the same problem which also shows the lack of signage is catching people out.”

The costly mix-up came just three days before town centre car parks became free of charge between 3pm and 8pm.

Euro Car Parks has been contacted for comment.