A MEMORIAL meadow will be grown and a walk held in honour of a recently deceased young dog.

Earlier this year Bluebelle, owned by Martin Clowes of Bridgend in south Wales, contracted Pug Dog Encephalitis, a disease of the central nervous system.

Despite the hard work of some of the best dog doctors in the country, the pooch died after suffering several seizures.

Ryan Simpson, leader of the Berkshire Pugs and Crosses group, reached out to Mr Clowes following Bluebelle's death.

"It was a horrid time for everyone who was lucky to meet this little lady and knew about her sad upbringing, until she was taken into Martin's rescue," Mr Simpson explained.

"I had an idea that would see her legacy live on, not only for her, but also for all the other dogs that the members of our group have lost," he explained.

"I contacted the team at Lily Hill Park and they have agreed for us to create a Bluebell Memorial Meadow within the grounds so that every spring there will be a fresh wash of colour as the bluebells flourish."

Mr Clowes is a huge figure in the pug world.

As well as heading The French and Pug Dog Foundation, in 2015 he set up Pugfest, a Cardiff based event that celebrates the breed.

Bluebelle was saved from horrific conditions when she was a puppy by the pug pioneer.

He said: "She was very tiny and a special girl that has made a big impact and left a huge hole. 

"The guys at Berkshire Pugs really warmed to her. Now she has her own trust.

"If you are owner and lose your dog it really affects you. 

"People have been sending us bulbs to plant if they can't make it on the day."

The walk will start at the big picnic bench in Lily Hill Park at 12pm on October 29, with work to begin on the meadow later on in the day.

Mr Simpson continued: "The space that we have been allocated will be perfect and change the park year-on-year as the bluebells spread.

"We are looking to have around 2,000 bulbs to plant that people and companies have donated.

"We are hoping this is going to be appreciated by all the local residents and dog walkers."

Search 'Memorial Meadow Walk' on Facebook to find out more.