IN THE six weeks since it began operating South Western Railway has accumulated thousands of weird and wonderful lost property items including an ironing board, leather lounge chair and giant inflatable shark.

Amongst the assorted odds and ends left on trains between Reading, Bracknell and Waterloo is a barrister's wig, pirate flag with pole and a pair of false teeth.

Detritus from Thorpe Park also made it into carriages, with giant prize bananas, pandas and doughnuts ditched along with a novelty inflatable shark.

As much as the rail operator continues to sort through such curiosities and keeps them in their custody, passengers are being reminded to check they have taken all their possessions before leaving the train.

Michael Pugh, customer experience manager at Waterloo Station, said: “Our staff from across the network work hard to ensure passengers are reunited with their belongings. However, we would encourage everyone to check they have their belongings before they leave our trains.

"Keys, phones and wallets are always such a pain to lose but it’s the sentimental items that really cause problems for passengers.”

Anything lost and found on South Western Railway stations, including items left on other train companies’ services, is sent to an office in London Waterloo.

Use the online enquiry form to register a lost item. SWR will only contact you if they find a possible match. Alternatively, you can call the Lost Property Office on 020 7401 7861 (open Monday to Friday 07:30-19:00).