CINEWORLD opened for the first time this week featuring the first multi-sensory screen in the Thames Valley. 

To celebrate the event Bracknell's great and the good were invited, with the global cinema chain's CEO in attendance.

Mayor Tina McKenzie-Boyle and Councillor Paul Betison also enjoyed a thrilling evening watching the new adaptation of Stephen King's novel 'It', whilst the other movie on option was 'Victoria and Abdul'.

The multiplex boasts an 12 screens, including one kitted out with 4DX technology, which takes the audience on a tactile, wet and windy ride through the latest blockbusters.

The 4DX auditorium comes decked with plush fabric seats which blow wind through the heads of the seats. 

The first film to get the shown in numerous dimensions was the notoriously terrifying, jump scare heavy 'IT', with audience members thrown around, sprayed with water and overwhelmed by smells.

At several parts during the film the jets went off behind our ears, as if someone were lurking behind us.

As well as the wind jets, the seats all have designated water pistons above them, which can be turned on and off. 

As the characters on screen wade through a sewer or run through a storm, water trickles onto the audience's heads, a delightful change in experience.

This was something I had not experienced before in cinema, but it felt like a worthwhile addition to the multiplex. 

The screens were bigger than at any other cinema I have been to, which added to the movie experience.

The facilities inside the cinema auditorium are first-class.

The view from the outside would suggest that the interior is not as large as you might hope, as there is no standalone building like there is at Showcase in Winnersh or even Odeon in Bracknell. 

And yet as soon as you step through the tall glass doors you are met with a huge LED screen on your left advertising films, and then a wide open space in the shape of a triangle, giving the option to go up to the screens.

Going up the escalators you are met with a comfortably large area in which to purchase tickets and get bags of popcorn ready. 

There is no designated ticket booth to buy your tickets face-to-face, instead there are automated machines you can use, or you can buy tickets from the food and drinks counter.

In a town of new ideas and exciting restaurants, they do not come much bigger and better than the Cineworld, a cinema to be proud of.