APPLICATIONS to fell more than 100 trees have been received by the council in six months as a campaign to protect street trees kicks off.

Since April this year various developers have asked Bracknell Forest Council's permission to knock down 104 trees, with a unknown but significant number more at the TRL site in Crowthorne.

Of those, the go ahead to fell 22 was granted, 15 were refused or withdrawn and 67 are pending consideration.

The figures come to light as The Woodland Trust launches a scheme encouraging people to celebrate their local trees.

Berkshire based bark fans can apply for a celebration starter kit which includes bunting, badges and a wheelie-bin transfer.

Joseph Coles, project lead for Street Trees, said: “Street Trees face unprecedented threats. Be it climate change, tree disease, development or council budgets.

"However, they bring a huge array of benefits to people – from recreation to combating pollution. With 80 per cent of the UK’s people living in urban settlements, street trees are their main daily contact with nature. If we are to keep people connected with nature we need to preserve it on their doorsteps.

“We need to encourage people to celebrate trees, whatever their drive might be – social cohesion, economic benefits, sentimental or simply because a tree looks nice. People need to demand that their trees are respected and protected."

To claim your Street Trees pack go to